About Us

In today’s modern living, we are surrounded by harmful substances hiding in everyday products  and the changes in lifestyle have led to many diseases . In order for people to regain health, Dr. Tai Tong Ming established the Tomin Group in Malaysia in 2009 with the goal of improving people’s health in all aspects, so that people can live in a safe and healthy environment.

Our Vision

We want to improve your health through diet but not medicine. A good health starts with a change in diet and lifestyle. We are committed to provide you with a comprehensive range of solutions to improve your health from all aspects of life; diet, household and natural supplements. In addition to that, we will focus on sustainable development through the use of natural and sustainable resource s for our products.

What We Do​

Sales and Research and Development of Health Food

Sales and Research and Development of Water Purifier

Development and Sales of Non-toxic Household Detergents

Sales and Research and Development of Natural and Eco-friendly Cleaning Products

Sales and Research and Development of Skincare Products

Research and Development of Holistic Health Program

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